Dive Cozumel packages

dive cozumel packages

In AlwaysDiving we offer scuba diving packages for all ages and type of people. If you just came to have fun with your friends, family, alone or with your couple, you can dive with us. We have more than 32 years of experience diving in more than 13 places in Cancun, like Cozumel, Riviera maya, etc.

We offer dive for fun packages at prices like

Discover Scuba Diving $       117.00
Cancun 2TK Dive $          79.00
Cancun Wreck 2TK Dive $          89.00
Cancun Twilight 2TK Dive $          99.00
Cozumel 2TK Dive leaving from Cancun $       229.00
Cenote 2TK Dive from Cancun $       145.00
Cenote 2TK Dive from Riviera Maya $       120.00

We offer the best services for over 32 years and our clients love us. We take care of our clients as no other do.

Also we offer Diving Certifications at prices like:

Padi Scuba Diver $       325.00
Open Water $       435.00
Advanced Open Water $       360.00
Rescue Diver $       425.00
Dive Master $       735.00

For more information about our products you can visit contact us or call US 1 (888) 229 6110. Mex +52 1 998 845 9675.