Hi I´m Alvaro Gonzalez, welcome my new website.

We created this place to be a resource for you, not just to find out about my work but really to provide you some tools that you could apply inmediatly in your life to make your dives fun and easy!

Our philosophy is about a company and the way we build our reputation over 3 decades is Alvaro equals amazing dives and making friends. Our focus is to add more value to your life as anybody else does. And if you know anyone has ever been in one of our dives or if you watch tripadvisor reviews or youtube you will see a diversity of people that I dive with.

Thank you for your attention and your time, enjoy the website, enjoy the resources and I hope I have the priviledge to meeting you some day. I do have a blog if you want to write me a note or share your experiences or questions I love to hear from you personally, till then take care of your self and your family and keep your bubbles up.

Scuba Diving for Fun

Scuba Diving Certifications in Cancun

xTreme Dives

Out of the BOX dives

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